понедељак, 30. септембар 2013.

Cash flow hints
You need a cash loan

Let us take a look which bank is with lowest interests rates 
for example:Credit Agricole Serbia for cash loan are taking this interest in Serbia.
If  you are citizen in France and have account in same bank things are much better.

If you want to get cash loan for buying car in Raiffeisen bank in Serbia this 
interests rates you must consider.
But if you live in Croatia interests rates are much better for you.

Lets consider offer from Erste bank for 
"car credit", and see the interest rates in Serbia.
Then take a peak  here there you will see much smaller interest rates in Croatia then in Serbia

Please be careful and better think twice before!

But on the other side it is much better to own and manage the BANK in Serbia then at any other country because you can earn much more money there.

picture is courtesy of allfredownloads.com

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